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08-17-2009, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by HoosierDaddy View Post
Alright Someone that gets it. I like the thoughtful way you make your point. I with I could do that...drives me nuts when posters intentionally misinterpret my posts so they can hijack the thread and go in another direction, sometimes just so they can call me out or call me names for having a different opinion.

I'm just wondering if the NHL made players pick one team on their HOF statue and display to be identified with, which team would he pick? If he were asked what are you at your core, an Oiler or a Ranger, what would he say? I'm grateful for the Cup, but sometimes I feel like what we do with "The idol" is as ilogical as if the Pens hailed Guerin for winning the Cup. You win and lose as a team. Every part is as important as the other. He did not do it alone.
You've made some great posts in this thread, including one I quoted in a similar thread on the Oilers' board.

I think my posts there would answer your question, so I'm going to quote them here.

Originally Posted by Asher View Post

The final slap in the face for me came when Messier said he would only play another year if it could be for the Rangers. KLowe tried to persuade Messier to play one more year for the Oilers (which would have been interesting since that team went to the Finals), and Messier said he'd rather retire. It's funny, the Oilers have had many superstars come and go, many of which went on to have huge successes elsewhere, and yet I get the distinct feeling all of them (Gretzky, Coffey, Fuhr, etc), still view themselves as Oilers. All but one that is, and ironically he's from Edmonton. Sure, he'll come back if they name a street after him, otherwise he's Ranger Blue.
Originally Posted by Asher View Post
Not so much a snub as a desire to end his career with the team that feels most closely associated with - the Rangers. Same holds true about 2 years ago when Messier expressed public interest in becoming the GM of the Rangers (IIRC he named them specifically). It's not surprising to me that Messier would now take a job with the Rangers (in fact, I'm much more surprised that he would express interest in a job with the Oilers). They're his team - I would think that's kind of obvious by now. Ask Gretzky, Anderson, Coffey, etc. if they would like to be remembered as Oilers, and I guarantee you they will all answer with a resounding "yes." Ask Messier the same and he will dodge the question. I know, I've seen him do it on camera. He may not want to outwardly offend Oiler fans by running around proclaiming the Rangers are his team, but the truth is, they are.

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