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Originally Posted by Mr Irreverent View Post
Sadly I think the fate of the Kings is in the hands of #23 and #11. Dean gambled on signing them long term and having them be the faces of the franchise. I have never hid the fact that I think handing these two unproven players the keys to the Ferrari was probably not the best move. They have never won anything of significance and judging by their disappearing act last year during the "playoff push" I think more people should be questioning them. If I'm going to blame DL for anything, it's going to be this.

His scouting is off the hook!
And who else on the Kings roster won anything significant?
And who else deserves that kind of money on the Kings roster anyways? Here is your answer NOBODY. Not to mention Brown and Anze are at worst great 2nd line players.

And if you want to blame Lombardi for something, then it's his FA signings. Let's face it he sucks in the FA and while he overpaid for every single UFA, non of them really showed a damn thing.

Cloutier for 2 Mill $
Nagy at 3.75 Mill $
Calder at 2.7 Mill $
McCauley? Modry? Stuart? Blake? Preissing? Handzus at 4Mill after an difficult injury?

Green and Scuderi are making 3 Mill$ for 0 offense?!?
Stoll after sucking season got a raise to 3.6 Mill for what beeing a good faceoff man and a stupid penalty maschine?

try again...

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