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08-18-2009, 02:22 AM
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Initial impressions:

Viacheslav Fetisov - Simply a complete, dominant, multi-dimensional defenseman. Should already be voted in.
Bill Cook - it's about time we recognize this guy for what he was - an offensively dominant, two-way force with excellent leadership skills. What he did after age 30 in the NHL was simply outstanding. Just a couple spots ahead of Charlie Conacher? Not this time!
Joe Sakic - He should be as close to Messier (#22) as possible. Which inclines me to vote him 1st. but two wrongs don't make a right. Burnaby Joe is no Fetisov or Cook.
Ken Dryden - the only goalie I'd truly consider at this moment. Not a team product. Earned a Smythe, stole a cup, and was voted the finest goalie in the league six times. Look what happened to the Habs when he didn't play. Dominant sv% in both the regular season and playoffs. Brodeur and Benedict have longevity edges on Dryden, but Dryden had too dominant a peak to ignore. Like Durnan but against top competition.
Brad Park - I don't see why Robinson is better, except that he played for the Habs and won cups.
Syl Apps Sr. - A brilliant offensive force who was always very high in MVP voting. Led the Leafs to multiple cups. A model of class and respect. A poor man's Jean Beliveau.
Milt Schmidt - Not as talented as Apps, but nearly bridges the gap with his two-way play.
Steve Yzerman - Sakic times 0.9 = yzerman.
Bernard Geoffrion - A dominant playoff performer and elite goalscorer.
Larry Robinson - I feel he's a tad overrated. Two Norrises? Canon tells us he's about 7th-8th among defensemen; are we sure Park and Fetisov shouldn't also be ahead?
Chris Chelios - 3 Norrises against tougher competition. But I don't feel he was as dominant as Robinson. Great longevity though.
Paul Coffey - I'll always have these two right after eachother. Both equally valuable, just for completely different reasons.
Martin Brodeur - I've never been convinced he was individually that good. The gap I see between Dryden and the rest of the pack needs to be appropriately reflected.
Vladislav Tretiak - I'm glad he's up for induction so early this time, but there are too many good names ahead of him. He, Brodeur, and Tretiak should all end up within 5 spots of eachother, perhaps around 43-48.
Valeri Kharlamov - Overrated. Maybe I have to watch him more to understand it, but it's true that the numbers don't really reflect him being that dominant compared to Petrov or Mikhailov or Makarov or Maltsev. MVP voting tends to agree. the true crime is probably not that kharlamov is already up for consideration, but that Mikhailov and Makarov aren't, and that Petrov and Maltsev likely will never be. I would feel much better if Kharlamov ended up as close to M&M as possible. By next round I will see some players I can't help but rank below him, but for now, Valeri is 15th to me.

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