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08-18-2009, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
Jules, recommend you go in with the "I'd appreciate it" approach more than the "you're doing this now" approach. I'd be more likely to listen that way, and I'd assume the same with him. Only use the "you're doing it now" if they're not listening.

Plus that date may have some logic behind it that's out of his control(maybe give them time to find a replacement, train someone else, etc).
Well, I had tried that approach. Very recently in fact..but I think that fell into the "hint" category with him. And you have no argument with the second part, because I've been pregnant for 7 months. He could've given them 7 months notice to fill his spots/train someone...etc. LOL

Originally Posted by stafuccijr View Post
I got an idea Jules, I understand your just venting, but you probably dont want to take the advice of two 23 year olds. Especially JLHockey, hes been beating it to Peg from Married with Children since he was 12, whats he know?!
THAT made me ****...

Originally Posted by Opus View Post
Quick question -- Your gun isn't at home, right?

The infamous 'honey-do' list. Gotta love it.
It's always at home! And the last thing I wanted to do was do "the list"....

Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
Yeah, respirator and incubator until I was 2 weeks old. Mom held me for the first time when I was 2 and a half weeks old.

Doctor's told her not to get attached. 50/50 chance I'd live.

Proved those ******* wrong. HA
And now you're like, 7 feet tall, no? Glad it worked out for you preemies.. JL...that's tough about your cousin....

Well all, everything is fine in the Jules household. We had a long talk, and it basically just came down to that he needs to communicate a little better with his "intentions". He told me that he "intended" to take the 2nd week in Sept. off at his full time job to do stuff, and also "intended" to do one thing tomorrow night and something else later in the week. If he had TOLD me this when he decided to INTEND it, this probably would've never So, even though I suspect he may have taken the week off AFTER he knew he pissed me least stuff will get done. LOL - So hopefully this well help any issues going forward.

Thanks for all your advice "boys"

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