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08-18-2009, 11:19 PM
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In-Line Hockey Questions

I'm looking to join an inline hockey league.
However, a couple of drawbacks have me in a hold position.

1) I'm unsure about the equiptment that I need.
-Obviously you need skates/stick/gloves/helmet/elbow and knee pads/cup
-Do you also need a girdle?

2) Speaking of skates and sticks
-I went on Olympia Sports website...they offer roller hockey skates and roller blades. The roller skates require you to tie, not snap on, and cost considerable more.
-On of the things which really appealed to me about roller hockey was NOT having to have to tie skates (which I really am bad...REALLY bad).
-Do you REALLY need roller skates or will roller blades suffice?

3) While we are on skates and sticks
-Does it matter if you buy a cheap vs. more expensive one if you are in a casual league?
-Again, the inexpensive factor is what made this more practical for me

-Which brands do you recommend?


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