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08-19-2009, 02:56 AM
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Thanks SO much for all your help!

Let me answer you responses with some more details.
I used to play Ice Hockey, but that was 10 years ago.
I quit for a variety of reasons, one being I was a lazy teenager.
I also used to play street hockey and I loved it.

I am not a newbie in the sense I never played, but probably a remedial school person getting a refresher.

1) pretty much go ahead and get the 20 buck stick this way I can afford a backup?

2) As for skates...again they sell inline hockey skates or roller blades.
The difference I have seen is the blades cost less and have a velcro snap while skates require you to tie.
-I have a REAL problem with tying was really hard.
-Is there any disadvantage or is it socially taboo to use roller blades over skates?

3) Which level of league would go best for me?

4) How expensive are the leagues?

5) One of the big lures to Inline Hockey is that I am in my mid 20s living way off campus as grad student out in the boondocks of NE CT.
I was hoping if I joined a Inline Hockey League this might help me get better aquainted with people my age and my interest.
It's been impossible meeting anybody, let alone a hockey fan, here.

So...I found a rink in Glastonbury and in Longmeadow.
If you don't know anything about these rinks...I guess my question would be...just what is it like in these leagues?
As an out of towner new to the area, is this the type of stuff with pretty cool peope...or is it very clicky?
Intramurals at the school are very clickly...pretty much if you are a free agent you feel let out.
Adult Ice Hockey on the other hand in my experience has been's had a LOT of 40+ middle age men who bicker, argue, and take out anger from their families by starting fights.

I'm just looking for a casual way to get back into the sport and to do so making connections with people my own (25) age.
Is this a good choice or am I likely to run into the same psychos/cliques from intramurals and ice?


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