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08-19-2009, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by HoosierDaddy View Post
You are right, I suck at math. You don't see these threads because he's done nothing in hockey since retiring. That's what happens when you go fishing instead of learning a new skill. The last I looked the thread wasn't billed a "Love-in" so I assumed it's ok to gasp in horror at this development.

I couldn't be bothered to look up his tearful retirement because, well... I couldn't be bothered. He's the poster child for the "leadership" tag and how overrated it is. You'd think he was on the ice alone when we won the Cup. At least he could play. It's ok if you want to be a fan-boy. But that doesn't mean we all have to follow your lead.

I'm still sore about him behaving like a mercenary, which people forgive and forget, but I choose not to forgive him for that. That's my choice. Let him go apprentice in Edmonton or Vancouver.

Yep.... because guaranteeing a victory and almost singlehandedly providing a HUGE victory to get you to the Cup Finals is vastly overrated.......Name another Ranger that has done it since 94......

When Mark left in '97 our team was slowly on the decline anyhow, we are out of the dark ages now.

How long have you been a Ranger fan for? I respect the fact that you don't want to forgive the guy because he chased money, but MSG's management especially Checketts had a ton to do with chasing Mark out of NY. I'm sure you bashed them enough though......

Bottom line is Mark Messier as a player was the best thing to happen to the Rangers in either of our lifetimes (so far), and if he wants to apprentice here so be it, he should be allowed to just like Yzerman and a few others are.

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