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08-19-2009, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
Okay, what goalie has more potential in your opinion in the farm system?

It's not like the Flyer's have great depth at that position in the minor leagues
I didn't realize that your comment "Riopel has the most potential of anyone in the farm system" followed by your Giroux and Briere comments meant that Riopel had the most potential of any goalie in the farm system (which, BTW, really doesn't mean much given that at times the farm goalies included the likes of Rejean Beauchemin, Martin Houle, Brian Regan, Bujar Amidovski, Dan Murphy, etc).

That said, here's a list of goalies drafted in the 4th round and beyond from 2000 to 2005 that have played a single game in the NHL (the reason I didn't go beyond 2005 is because not a single goalie drafted after in the 4th round and beyond have played in the NHL and not a single position player drafted beyond the 4th round in the past 2 years have played an NHL game). I'm not listing the ones that haven't played in the NHL, but they outnumber those that have played by at least 2 to 1 if not 3 to 1.

Henrik Lundqvist (7th round 265 games)
Brian Eklund (7th round 1 game)
Adam Berkhoel (8th round 9 games)
Reinhard Divis (8th round 28 games)

Ray Emery (4th round 134 games)
Dmitri Patzold (4th round 3 games)
Drew McIntyre (4th round 2 games)
Jussi Markkanen (5th round 128 games)
Mike Smith (5th round 98 games)
Andy Chiodo (6th round 8 games)
Pasi Nurminen (6th round 125 games)
Jordan Sigalet (7th round 1 game)
Cristobal Huet (7th round 224 games)
Martin Gerber (8th round 226 games)

Rob Mcvicar (5th round 1 game)
Tyler Weiman (5th round 1 game)
Curtis McElhinney (6th round 19 games)
Frederik Norrena (7th round 100 games)

Chris Beckford-Tseu (5th round 1 game)
Chris Holt (6th round 2 games)
Andy Chiodo (7th round 8 games - didn't sign with NYI in 01 and drafted by Pit in 03)
Gerald Coleman (7th round 2 games)
Brian Elliott (9th round 32 games)

Karri Ramo (6th round 48 games)
Danny Taylor (7th round 1 game)
Martin Houle (8th round 1 game)
Yukata Fukufuji (8th round 4 games)
Pekka Rinne (8th round 55 games)

Tomas Popperle (5th round 2 games)
Matt Keetley (5th round 1 game)

So, looking at the list there are 3 legitimate NHL starters (Lundqvist, Emery and Huet) and a few legitimate backups while the majority were injury call ups. That being I think you are in the minority who "wouldn't be surprised to see him starting" as the odds are very much against him. The odds are greater of him not even re-signing with the Flyers after his entry level contract is up than him playing in the NHL, let alone being a starter. is offline   Reply With Quote