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08-19-2009, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Garden Fithful View Post
Yep.... because guaranteeing a victory and almost singlehandedly providing a HUGE victory to get you to the Cup Finals is vastly overrated.......Name another Ranger that has done it since 94......

When Mark left in '97 our team was slowly on the decline anyhow, we are out of the dark ages now.

How long have you been a Ranger fan for? I respect the fact that you don't want to forgive the guy because he chased money, but MSG's management especially Checketts had a ton to do with chasing Mark out of NY. I'm sure you bashed them enough though......

Bottom line is Mark Messier as a player was the best thing to happen to the Rangers in either of our lifetimes (so far), and if he wants to apprentice here so be it, he should be allowed to just like Yzerman and a few others are.
Forgetting about his working here now for a sec, I'd just like to opine that to me, the best things that have happened to the Rangers in my lifetime (player impact wise) are:
  1. Park
  2. Leetch
  3. Messier
  4. Lundqvist

Could we have won without Messier? Of course not, but never forget that Leetch was the more important and more valuable player in that Cup victory. There is a reason he won the Playoffs MVP trophy over Messier.

We all thank Messier for his contributions while here but a franchise shouldn't have to bow at that player's feet forever and because the Rangers have done that for years afterwards, the franchise was irreparably damaged. Not his fault but it scarred this team badly for a very long time.

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