Thread: Confirmed with Link: Nicola Riopel signed
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08-19-2009, 09:12 AM
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Thanks for putting that list together. It illustrates your point very well. I guess everyone is always looking for the next Vokoun (a late pick who makes it). There are always going to be "examples" to illustrate a point like Rolosson who wasn't even drafted or Fleury who was 1st overall etc. The reality is that the ECHL and CHL and europe are all chock full of guys who were 5th and 6th round picks, but they are also full of guys picked earlier as well. I'm sure we all remember Ouellete and Pelletier both of whom were high enough to be a big deal.

Personally I would take it even one step further and say that no matter where a goalie is drafted the odds are stacked against them. You have 60 spots every year as a starter or backup and another 25 or so call ups. When you factor in how long some of these goalies are starters for it makes it tough to break in. How many Devil draft picks had much of a shot since Martin Brodeur came on the scene? Mason has "made it" but not with them. Goalie is just a tough spot to make it period as far as I'm concerned. Look at how many 1st rounders never make it.

I really don't care who of our current batch makes it, I just hope one of them does at some point. It would be great to hit a home run with someone and not have to worry about goaltending every single year. I definitely find myself pulling for this Riopel kid though. I love it when guys can make it against "all odds." Too small, passed over for a couple of drafts, drafted late when he was. It would make a great story. They say he is insanely hard worker off the ice, which I like.

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