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08-19-2009, 01:22 PM
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The league I had was like $900 per team. Divided that by 10 and it's very affordable.

I wear skates, shinpads, helmet, gloves, and stick. No cup (probably stupid), or elbow pads. Most roller hockey leagues are non-contact meaning you can't check people. You can however be physical when trying to get possession of the puck.

As for skates, you really have to get inline skates, not roller blades. Like other posters have mentioned, the difference is huge, and they're not that expensive. If you have a friend on your team that knows about your "problem", maybe ask him to tie them for you?

In my opinion, having an expensive stick is soooo overated. Instead of worrying about the brand or model, find a curve you like and make sure it's the proper length.

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