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08-19-2009, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Garden Fithful View Post
QFT, the organization shouldn't have to bow at his feet, but then again what is not to be expected since his hand was HUGE in winning the only modern-day Cup??????(see Game 6 against NJ) I'm also not being a "fan-boy" here but Messier's performance that night after guaranteeing victory, might be the best playoff performance I have ever seen.
(I was 12 at the time)

Without that Leetch although very very deserving wouldn't have been the Playoff MVP.

Outside of Graves and Messier, the other Oilers were merceneries hired guns whatever you want to call them, Messier as mentioned earlier played the same amount of years in NY and EDM. The 94 cup holds a special place in his heart, maybe b/c he won it on his own without Gretz or maybe he truly loves NY.

To Hoosier, by the way the Baffoon from Banf-f-f, wasnt in NY in 94 that was Neil Smith....

Back to what the thread was for, Messier wants to see if GM is an avenue he wants to pursue I see nothing wrong with letting him learn the ropes of being a GM, my problem is he's learning from Sather..... I think it's ok for him to be afforded the oppurtunity we don't know if he will be great or if he will horrendous... Hell, he doesnt even know if he wants to GM.
You are right, the BFB was the one selling off his players to Neil Smith. That accounts for my conspiracy theory that he sold his soul to the Dolans for life-time employment; an idiot proof teflon GM'ing gig.

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