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08-19-2009, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Messier's presence helped out Leetch tremendously. With Messier around to shoulder other loads, Leetch could do what he did best, which was go out and play. Brian Leetch was an extraordinary hockey player, but he possessed a timid personality and was not an off-ice leader by any means.

The mere mention of Messier's name garners admiration and respect in the hockey world to this day...dont know how thats a bad thing to have in the front office. The people that are bashing Messier are either morbidly bitter and/or are too young to remember how truly great he was in the early-mid 90s.
He had that effect on most of his teammate, not just Leetch. Again, the issue here, in my mind anyways, is that he's an Oiler. You are totally misunderstanding this thread if you believe we're bashing him. You are waaaaay off. Please re-read the thread. The discussion thread is a discussion of merit. Some fan-boys are taking umbrage to the morbidly bitter types not drinking the Kool-aide. I'm nether bitter nor bashing him. Just stating my POV.

The Nhl is an Ole'boys network. Once you're part of the mutual admiration society you bounce around from job to job regardless of how badly you botched your last assignment. That's what playing together with powerful people will do. It'll get and keep you employed.

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