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08-19-2009, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by koh19 View Post
I'm 5'11'', 176 lbs, been training all summer (since April really), gained a whole lot of strength, followed a strict training plan (lifting, running, HIIT, speed training, plyometrics, stick handling exercises, mobility workouts for hips, legs) ate healthily, didn't party too much and cut down the fat, I'm lean, have a good six pack (which indicates that my bf % is low). Honestly, I gave 100% for my conditionning. I'm one of the ones that trains the most and that takes hockey the most seriously (In terms of conditionning, I'm pretty sure I'm top 5 in fitness on the team).

So I had my first practice last night and I felt "heavy" on the ice. At the beginning I felt ok, fairly fresh, did some good accelerations. But I felt absolutely drenched at the end of the practise (lasted 1h15). I dunno if it's because it's been months since I've been on the ice, if it was the first time that my legs made the specific movement of skating or what but I was disappointed.

What the hell happened?

Now I have a game on Friday and I'm pretty god damned scared. Sounds idiotic but my stomach hurts ( it's stress I'm guessing) because I feel it'll happen again. My confidence is very low.


When was the last time you actually SKATED??? Skating is a different animal and is really hard to replicate the movements without actually going on the ice. Your summer workouts will be hugely beneficial to your on-ice conditioning but there are likely a lot of muscles you haven't used in a while. Also, did you train with 30LBs of equipment on?

The good news is that because you have trained so hard, you will resume your skating in no time. Try to go for a couple skates between now and your game if possible to get your "skating" legs back.

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