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11-05-2004, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
At that point, we could have an informed delegation just from this board? Imagine the questions that would be thrown at Daly? You know that Bettman would never have the chutzpah to show up.

"He deflected most pointed challenges by saying, "That's a very fair question." "

Then why even show up? You have to know if you are facing fans, there is no softball question coming.

"While Daly didn't seem concerned about losing fans"

It's things like this that just make me detest anything Bettman stands for and more and more convince me that Bettman and his chief lackey are nothinb but the tools of the owners. The fans are the only friggin' thing that keeps this sport alive in the U.S. Loose us and you loose the sport.
I feel that the fans will end up back with their teams despite what is said here. Most of us love watching the Rangers play and as much as we hate Bettman, Dolan, Sather, etc we still watch game after game.

There may be a lull in attendance once the lockout is over, but baseball got its fan base back after a couple years and hockey will do the same.

Even if everyone on this board decided they will never watch hockey again, some other people will fill the very seats we vacate. If attendance is lost and the sport goes belleyup in the US it will be due to other reasons than the lockout. Instead it will be for being too defensive, not enough scoring, the game slowing down and becoming boring, etc...

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