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08-20-2009, 10:13 AM
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Hey guys, so I ran out to the store yesterday and had a look around. Luckily you guys are more helpful than the staff on hand at my local store. Anyways, I picked up som essentials such as jock, mouthguard, etc.

I also bought a new helmet w/ cage. It's an Easton Stealth S7 (black).

Right now the project for the weekend is to pick up some skates and stick(s).

As for skates I'm not too familiar with them. I saw some Bauer X30's and X60's at the store...big price difference though. Is the difference just because of the blade???

Also, some of the sticks I'm looking at are:
Nike Bauer Supreme One 55 87 flex Malkin blade
Reebok 5K Snake Grip '08 Mid or Reg Flex Crosby Blade
Mission Concept X Mid or Reg flex Boyes Blade
Sherwood RM7 '08 Mid or Reg flex Crosby blade
Reebok 4K AcuFlex '08 Mid or Reg flex Modano blade

ANY help or feedback would be much appreciated again! Thanks!

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