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Your height doesn't matter, it's really the ATK measurement that you should be basing your pad size on.

The ATK database used to be a good reference, though it hasn't been maintained in a few years and is slowly getting out of date as new pad models come out. The calculator linked to a few posts above is also a decent reference, though it says I should be wearing 35" pads which I know -- at least with modern RBK and TPS pads -- would be too small for me.

I'm 6'3", have an 18.5" ATK, and currently wear 37+1" TPS Summits which fit nicely. My previous pads were 36" RBK's, but after a year the foam settled in, the pad shortened, and my knee was hitting the very top of the knee lift. Many pads will shrink an inch or so in the first year, something you may want to take into consideration if you plan to use them for a while.

I also like wearing my pad straps fairly loose, so the pads can rotate easily when I go down into butterfly or half-butterfly. I played goal as a kid wearing tightly-strapped Cooper Dura-Softs, so when I got back in the game four or five years ago, wearing the pads loose felt really weird. I got used to it in a couple games and saw the advantages to it. Though it's all personal preference.

I'm also a supporter of using what most consider a short goalie stick. I prefer a 25" paddle, which these days is becoming difficult to find in stores. I found with longer paddles (e.g. 27"), when I went into butterfly the stick pushed my blocker arm up, opening a hole under my armpit. The effect is illustrated here: A 27" stick may feel OK for me in stance, but I might make only 5-10% of saves standing up.

Fleury is 6'2" and has a 25" paddle, Huet is 6'0" and has a 24" paddle, Garon is 6'2" and has a 24" paddle. Using sticks that are too tall seems to be the norm in beer league hockey; guys will just walk into a store, pick out the longest stick that matches their pad colours, maybe try it out in a stance (without standing on a short box to mimic skate height, of course), and ring it up at the cash register. Not the way to pick out a stick. If possible, ask if you can strap on some pads and then try a few sticks out in butterfly. Everybody's body is different, so while you should take my opinion into consideration, the final decision should be made by you and how you think the stick feels with your body.

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