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08-20-2009, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by malkintoews View Post
Also, some of the sticks I'm looking at are:
Nike Bauer Supreme One 55 87 flex Malkin blade
Reebok 5K Snake Grip '08 Mid or Reg Flex Crosby Blade
Mission Concept X Mid or Reg flex Boyes Blade
Sherwood RM7 '08 Mid or Reg flex Crosby blade
Reebok 4K AcuFlex '08 Mid or Reg flex Modano blade

ANY help or feedback would be much appreciated again! Thanks!
How are the prices on that? It's tougher nowadays since stores mostly offer one piece sticks, but if you can find a decent shaft that might be the route I'd go. You could then experiment with different blades to see which one suits you. I've known plenty of people buy $150+ sticks with a curve endorsed by one of their favorite players, only to realize they hate the curve once they get out on the ice.

Like others have said, it's not a bad idea to go with a pair of used skates if you're just beginning. If hockey ends up being something you really get into, you're going to eventually want to upgrade your gear. And if ends up not working, at least you didn't spend top dollar on new gear.

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