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11-05-2004, 03:04 PM
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I would imagine he would go the the USHL. He is a very talented player and may be ready to go the the gophers next year. The problem is so many coaches now would rather have a player with one or two more years re-moved from HS. the NCAA is almost treated as a major program with minor league affilaites. You want your guys to come in a and make a statement right away. Other than development leagues and the USHL the gophers currently only have 3 players from HS, and of those 3, 2 played part of thier senoir year in the USHL. Next years gopher class includes Blake Wheeler USHL, Ryan Stoa, Pete Mueller and Feff Frazee from the 18u devoplment team. And word well optamistic word is that Kessel has his choice down to the Gophers and and a few others, He is quoted as saying he wants to go to college with friends, he plays with Meuller, Stoa and Frazee now. I do not see RJ going to the gophers right away. Unless like i said Harrington leaves as FA, But with the NHL the way it is there is no team to sign him. I think he coud and will fit in very nicely. But right now there is no room. Lucia would love to keep that line a O minded D men keep coming. Why rush the next in a long line when you could spread it out. We have seven d men now, one will graduate.

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