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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
It is interesting to see Roman Mega as the goaltending coach. In 1996 I was in Ottawa when he put on an amazing goaltending display in Canada's 3-2 World Cup victory over Slovakia. I will never forget that game. The only time I got to see Peter Bondra play in person, and he had a goal.

I don't see the names Patrik Koyš or Jaroslav Török on either the U16 or U17 teams. I realize they are super young. Wondering what they are up to.
I was surprised to see Mega there too, though for different reasons, as I am quite sure that he was the U18 team goalie coach last year.

Jaroslav is a lot of things, but definitely not young. It is TomᚠTörök you´re interested in, his son, who btw has a younger brother as well who is supposed to be quite talented either. I´ve mentioned it somewhere else already, but daddy Torok was looking for a new job as he was unwanted in Martin and he wanted to take his sons too and it was supposed to be abroad. However Torok senior is currently on a try-out in Zilina, but Tomas has played for Martin´s U18 team two pre-season games (3G+1A) against Vitkovice U18 and Trinec U18 according to Martin´s webpage, so I guess he´ll probably be staying there.

As for Koyš he will play for Dubnica´s U18 team that was recently promoted back to Extraliga again. Webhokej had an interview with the coach of Dubnica´s U18 coach Robert Kalaber a while ago and they talked about Koyš too:

The number of stars that came from Dubnica is big. Are there some Demitra´s, Pavlikovsky´s, Kobezda´s, Kopecky´s, Baranka´s growing up there?
"Of course, yes. My colleagues in the lowe categories are making a similar quality job today as well. Our U15´s became the Slovak champions, when they didn´t lose a point in the final tournament and our players were between the tops corers as well."

The scoring leader was Patrik Koyš (1995,36GP,56G+66A=122PTS), the youngest between the top 50 players.
"Patrik is an intelligent, and really very talented young player with great skating abilities, his play is a play with an idea. From my POV he´s an another Tatar."

What is awaiting him, so that this words would come true?

"The most important thing is for him to realize that it won´t work without hard work. He has to realize that there is huge potencial, huge talent in him and if he´ll be healthy, I´m convinced that he´ll be Mr. hockey player one day.

The most important thing is to give a chance to such boys.
"I brought him to the U18 twam from the 7th grade (U13), this change was unique in this age category. The jump to the U18 league is the hardest jump in the life of a hockey player. Often there are still frail boys who get into a category with guys a lot older and more physically disposed players."

And what place did you give him in the team?
" It makes no sense to bring such a player into the U18 league and to give him 3rd-4th line duties. He played on the first line, because I´m convinced that a good-class player even though younger has to play with the best that can help him the most."

As for national teams, as I already told Kiraly it seems that the federation chose not to involve younger players in the team for the first tournaments of the season (sans the U20 team, of course), so maybe they will get some time with the U16 team later during the season.

However there also is an Slovakia U15 team that is for players of their birth group, but the federation just rarely reports about it. The onlything I know is that the team takes part in the Beskyd Cup that is played in Czech republic around Christmas, so they´ll both probably play there.

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