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Originally Posted by NHLHammerbound View Post
If I'm not mistaken Pop Warner has different classifications based on weight...So u dont see that huge weight disparity u often see in kids hockey. Besides, no one is saying no hitting...just no FULL contact untill circa age 14, just like in Russia...and they dont seem to be doing too badly in terms of skill development.
The thing is you could have some kids going in to junior that have not been playing contact for long if at all.Then you could have some kids who have been playing contact for 5/6 years so that could lead to someone getting hurt.You could aslo have teams in tournements that have not played contact teams who have.You look at skill level and yes russia is doing good.The system has flaws yes but is it in that bad of a shape major changes are needed i think that could be up for debate.With that said i am not aginst a higher age to have contact hockey but my issues would be both canada and the states would have to agree.So all players would have no real advantage or disadvantage in terms of contact hockey.

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