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Originally Posted by Troy View Post
2) I was surprised you can "recycle" shin-pads from ice hockey.
There you have to tape the shin pads to your socks.
What do you do in you tape your shin pads to your pants?
Do they sell any shin pads that don't require tapping?
Most people just tape the outside of the pants just like they do on socks. Shins all have velcro straps these days but people still tape them up
3) How would you compare inline to ice hockey?
One of the reasons I'm considering inline to ice is that I just hate the equipment with ice hockey.
I'd like it where it's easier and less of a hassle/time-consuming and I can just put on my gear and go.

Just curious but is inline more casual and user friendly in this aspect?

My experience with roller is that it is typically higher scoring and has less stoppages due to rules differences. Other than that (and the insane heat, which is why I quit) it is pretty similar to ice.

There isn't much difference between getting ready for ice vs roller.

As for the casual/user friendly part- that really depends on your league. The roller leagues I played in were much, much more competitive and stressful than the ice leagues that I am in... which is another reason why I stopped playing roller. Roller leagues in my area were taken way too seriously while the ice leagues are much more relaxed. I'm sure that this varies from area to area.

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