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08-21-2009, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Sundin is my hero View Post
a couple things I'd like to say here.

1. when you are getting your skates sharpened they should always be cross grinded first. That removes the old sharpening and any imperfections that are there. A new hollow can then be put on.
2. a heat mold, or 'baked' is only good with higher end skates. Any low-end skates like the Vapor x-15 or say like a 3k skate will not have any effect for the skates and can some times harm them because the construction is not all that great, i've seen bad skates break because they were baked for too long. also if you are buying them used its really risky to bake them because a skate should only be baked 3 times at the most, anything after that, even for high end skates, and your asking for trouble.
3. Whoever is charging up to 50$ for a bake and sharpening should be closed down. At most a bake is 30$ and a sharpening like 5$.
4. When you are first learning how to skate, do what Gunnar Stahl 30 said, just get a half inch cut, and learn how to skate, you can experiment later on with the different hollows you can make.
1. No reason to cross grind if there's no real need for it. You're wasting steel if you cross grind regardless of the condition of the skate.
3. It might be a high charge to bake the skate, but you don't know what that company's overhead is. It's also some places way of offering an incentive for their customers to not buy online.
4. It depends on how big you are, condition of the ice. Ask your LHS about it.

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