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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
The last time I went to play pickup in the summer (Julyish) I saw the trail end of, get this, a AAA 5-6 year old Summer Tournament.

Can you really call a kid a AAA hockey player at that age? Also, what the heck are you doing putting a 5 year old on skates in the middle of summer?

These are the kids who wind up wanting nothing to do with the sport by the time they're 15. Summer hockey should be a no-no unless the kid REALLLY WANTS TO, but even then it's probably wiser to encourage the player to do something else (fishing, swimming, soccer, baseball, etc)
Yes you can really call a kid a AAA hockey player at that age. The problem with 6 and under hockey is that you get such a wide range of varied skills and abiilties amongst the kids. The best thing about the AAA spring catergory was that it allowed us to get "willing" 6 year olds of similar abilities to play together and against other teams of similar capablilities. For us here we also played full novice rules, which helps these kids get ready for the upcoming season.
When pracitcing with kids on their 6 and under team, the more advanced kids dont get challenged as much. The practices are really slowed down because of the wide varience in abilities. When you put them with kids that are just as advanced the tempo of the practice is higher, they can challenge themselves more etc.
We stopped our Spring AAA hockey season in early June. The kids still had plenty of time to go out and enjoy other sports and are super hungry for hockey right now!

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