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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Every story has two sides and both sides need to represented on a message board to have an open a fair honest discussion.

Its not meant to be controversial, nor bring out posters negative responses in defense. In an unbiased discussion you have to take the good with the bad of various reports, discuss them and then we can all form our own opinions. These are not my opinions I have posted by CSS and McKeens scouting reports on the topic. Not sure what trying to sweep the negative parts away or try to ignore them when they exist does.. Kadri has some real good elite offensive talent but his attitude has been questioned by scouts also..

Character is something myself personally I put a lot of weight on when I evaluate a player, and being quietly confident and humble is a trait that stands out.. Kadri has a strong personality (scouting reports back that up), and an attitude that he is better then most.. Some times this works out as self confidence is good, but too much arrogance in a personality can be bad.

Now we have to wait and see how this pick works out..
I recall you having an issue with intangible, unmeasureable stats? At least when they aren't your own.

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