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08-21-2009, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by LeafsInSeven View Post
"He counted 28 players working out in mid-July and Burke pulled a veteran aside and asked him how many would have been in the weight room a year ago last summer. The
answer: Five."

I absolutely love it. This is the difference between a winning team and an also-ran. Dedication to get better even when you've arrived.

P.S. I remember hearing that John Mitchell was one of the 5 last summer. Maybe the difference between where his career turned last season and being in the same boat as Jeremy Williams and Justin Pogge.
Thing is, Williams and Pogge were known as more established prospects, giving them that sense of entitlement IMO. It seems like they sit their and say to themselves, I think I'm a pretty damn good player, The Leafs stink and they need me in this organization. IMO that's the kind of mentality they had, I don't think Pogge was so bad but there's certainly been a sense of entitlement from the farm to the big club.I also thought it was funny that Williams demanded a trade, was put on waivers and nobody would touch em, Pogge had no value, it completely plummeted since junior. But because you play in Toronto your the ****. Guys like Mitchell who are less talented have to work their ***** off to have a chance. And of course, Mitchell has become one of the fastest players in the league. That's no joke. I love what Burke has done with this team, no more BS, we're paying you play and be in top shape otherwise, have fun in the press box or in the minors which is obviously seen as a slap in the face to a vet. I don't think most of us realized how bad this team was in terms of staying in shape or being in shape to begin with. Maurice mentioned it and Wilson looked last year in camp was baffled.

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