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08-22-2009, 03:30 PM
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Gameplay vs Practice

Hey all,

I'm a little torn between what to do for hockey this winter. I have night school all throughout the fall, then full time work in the winter.

I know for sure that I'll have Saturday night hockey (just a group of guys I know, 1hr), plus any shinny or open ice sessions I want to go to.

I have two options that I can't seem to choose from:

1) Switch a Wednesday night class (sports psych, way cool) to a Wednesday morning class (gothic horror, not quite as cool but cute girls are a dime a dozen LOL) and play in a league on Wednesday night

2) Keep the Wednesday night class and do Powerskating on Tuesday mornings (6am!)

They're both good options. The powerskating is probably better in the long run but the league would be more fun!

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