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08-22-2009, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Kovalchkin71 View Post
Cute girls? I know what I would do

I don't know. Not getting game time in might bother me, but if you think you're at a stage where you're still going to benefit from powerskating than you should probably do that, get in a league the next time you have a chance and be a better player for it. Plus I hate morning classes almost as much as I love cute girls.

Well I'm an OK mens league player... I'm sort of a middle-of-the-pack C level forward. I'm one of the better guys in D level, so I prefer to drop back to defense where I'm much less effective (but much more challenged)

Of course, I could just forget about buying a PS3 and do both the Tuesday and Wednesday

My goal is to hopefully play B (even if I'm the worst guy on the ice) before I get old and decline...

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