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Originally Posted by hashmarks View Post
That is just silly and quite irrational.

I don't give a dam if you hate Hitch, my issue with your post was the insinuation was that he is somehow an unproven commodity. He isn't. His track record in this league as a head guy far exceeds Howson's therefore makes your position lack credibility, imo and leads me to believe that you only hate Hitch because you want to, not for any logical reason.

First off, if you cared to examine the situations in which he was fired, the conditions were similar: a change of GM and a big change in leadership on both teams. In case you want to add something new to your ability to assess the situation further (which I know you don't, you are are happy with disliking him for illogical, baseless reasons), he was brought back by Dallas for an interview the very same summer he was fired. He chose to go to philadelphia.

All just baseless opinion and another invented reason to dislike him. Plus, wouldn't it speak more to Nash's leadership abilities than it would be anything to do with Hitchcock? I mean, if Nash--the Captain has bought in, a lot is now up to him.

Yes, everyone checks and everyone scores and everyone is to work for the goalie is a lot to ask isn't it? I would be curious what YOU think his requirements are.

In case you hadn't noticed, only one team in the last 10 years who played a looser, full court press won anything--Carolina. The others have been tight checking, well defending organized play.

You are inventing a reason to dislike him. It is illogical and irrational but people do it all the time.

First off, you are assuming that Howson didn't agree with moving that player. You are assuming that Hitch is/was calling the shots and absolving Howson in his role in the trade.

Secondly, the Zherdev trade did nothing but help us.

Thirdly, even your beloved Doug Maclean admitted that he made a poor character assessment upon his interviewing the kid (at age 17), and knows that the guy doesn't like hockey that much. (the fan590 interview with him that can be found either on their website or light the lamp has the link to it).

Your feelings are such based nothing on assumption while ignoring the reality of his record as a coach.

Just curious why you think this because it isn't true at all. Based on that comment I am safely going to assume that you have never met him. He is firm but fair with his players, however, I have never seen him be anything but gracious, polite and engaging in public and private.
Again, I'm not sure what your point here is. We've been through all this before and we clearly disagree. You have a personal relationship of some sort with Hitchcock which either makes you more reliable than me because you have more information, or less reliable than me because of your bias. Or both. You accomplish nothing by trying to convince of how wrong I am in any case.

You accomplish even less by being so insulting about it.

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