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08-22-2009, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Aging Goalie View Post
If that is part of your job, I can not fathom how you could be any good at negotiating after reading the next part of your statement.

We will be on even footing because there are teams that HAVE to drop salary. Our group of Dmen got us to the playoffs last year and can do it again this year. We DO NOT have to make changes. Changes would make us better but are not a must do thing. So I guess you are partially right. We are not on even footing. We could actually stand pat and still be fine to make the playoffs with what we have. Given your help I have come to the light that the closer we come to the season the more of an upperhand we will hold in a trade with one of the teams needing to dump salary.

For god sake we have assets for once. Why must everyone continue to act as though all we have is other peoples' garbage like it was in the past.

On a separate note.

With a full year of Brassard, a (hopefully) improved year from Voracek, a full year of Chimera, full year of Vermette and the addition of Filatov, our roster has already improved over last years.

Many will probably say that Chimera isn't the biggest factor, but if he plays like he did at the beginning of last year, then he could definately have a career year and score around twenty goals.

If you look at it this way, we've already improved our roster by quite a margin. If Modin can stay healthy (big if) then we've improved even more so.

And this is all before a full year of Mason. We had horrible goaltending at the beginning of last year.

Trading away assets to make big splash at this point would destroy everything that's been built thus far. Once we have enough assets to trade away assets, then it'll happen. Teams that make big splashes are the ones that have done well in the regular season and have good reason to believe that they are going deep into the playoffs. We aren't at that point. We have a promising future with the prospects we have right now, but if we trade them away, everything else could flop and we'll be without our assets and with a big splash player that turned out to be moot anyway.

Everyone keeps saying that the other side's argument is based on nothing. But at this point, it's all pretty much speculation. No one can say for sure how good the prospects will be, no one can say for sure that making a big splash will help us greatly: it hasn't in the past. Maybe putting Voracek and Filatov on the points on the PP will help us a lot, maybe it won't. Whether the argument is completely baseless or based on some sort of information. It doesn't matter. We are still an unproven team, and we made the playoffs, so what? We still have a lot to prove, and our situation is--in no uncertain terms--quite different than any other team's. Basing our situation on another team's may not be baseless, but it doesn't make it much stronger, imo.

Winning is the most important thing at this point. Getting a big name player short of Ovechkin or Crosby isn't going to put any causal fan in a seat. Winning will. We've improved greatly over just the past two years by staying the course and keeping conssitant with the plan. Why would you want to deviate from a plan that has been working and go back to one that didn't?

Like I said though, at this point it's all speculation. Once we have training camp and start the season the situation might change. At this point we have lots of potentially good prospects, that could potentially flop. We could trade them away and have the trade work out and get us deep into the playoffs. Just as likely though, is that the trade woldn't mean anything because we miss the playoffs and the very assets we traded away preformed very well. Either side is an argument based largely on opinion and little on substance. It could go either way in either situation: no one can predict the future.

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