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08-22-2009, 08:13 PM
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I find Mokoma to be above the rest these days, Stam1na has some great stuff too.

But how on earth has nobody mentioned YUP yet? Lyrically above anything else in the finnish music scene, and we have had some amazing lyricist (Juice, J. Vainio, P. Hanhiniemi etc etc). Martikainen is a genius. I do understand that the quirkiness of the music might be hard to sell but the guy is an awesome talent in making musical poetry.

Musically the most gifted band must have been Kingston Wall, but unfortunately their career was cut kinda short. But every time Kuoppamaki is behind the drums he elevates the whole song (like that Von Hertzen Brothers song linked earlier...good song).

And yeah I get the mention of PMMP in this discussion. I completely wrote them off after their first breakthrough but they revealed a completely different side on their next album, it was some scary good **** from two girls who met at a talent show and never made it through. They are serious artists, no matter what some people might's more prejudice and not being able to admit you were wrong. It's like Britney Spears doing Oops I did it again and then turning into Tori Amos on the next album. Bad start with a cheesy suggestive song, but should not dictate the whole career.

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