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Originally Posted by hockeycore View Post
I have 2 questions.

I just bought myself a Bauer Supreme One55 shaft, and I have read good things about it. I am not a seriously player by any stretch, and I actually only plan on throwing wooden blades on it for now so I can play street hockey.

Bearing in mind I have NEVER owned a two piece before and know almost nothing about sticks in general, my question is

What do they mean by "kickpoint"? The reviews I've read have said that it has low mid kickpoint and is good for slapshots. I have no idea what this means, how do I go about judging the kick point on a stick?

My other inquiry regards "Taper". I have no idea what this means, can someone help?

Thanks for any help. Once again, I have almost zero knowledge of sticks in general

Hi I can answer your questions for you, I own 2 One55 shafts. I switched from using wood sticks or aluminum shafts with wood blades back in December. I bought the two One55 shafts just to see if a composite stick is the way I wanted to go. They were $42 each and not a huge investment so if it had been a bad idea I would have not lost or wasted my money.

Boy was I sold on composite sticks, I liked the idea of having a two piece system so much I went and bought a couple of more expensive higher quality shafts meaning the ones I got are tapered and lighter and made by a different company.

My point is i loved the One55 shafts as they are extremely durable .... I have 2 that are heavily used and knicked all over and yet still work like they should.

The kickpoint you refer to is a low mid kickpoint and is located at the low-mid section of the shaft which is not much further down from your lower hand on the shaft after cranking a slapshot.

The kickpoint does give a nice feel for slapshots but does not have as good a "feel" for accuracy. For accuracy you would want a tapered shaft with a low kickpoint and a two piece shaft system that is tapered resembles the kickpoint you get from a one piece stick that is tapered.

I prefer a tapered shaft but I still use my One55 shafts when I am in the mood because they really are a very rugged shaft and does have a nice release when shooting slappers.

I have never used them with a wood blade as i am never using wood again, the composite blades last many many times longer than wood and are always like a new fresh blade until they eventually break. I have broken just ONE blade since December and I play at least twice a week in the summer and more in the winter, I play year round really.

I've nothing bad to say about the bauer One55 shafts .... they are absolutely an incredibly good bargain .... just know that they are NOT the lightest composite shaft out there but they sure are incredibly durable and rugged.

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