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The All-Time AAA11 Thread (sign-up, roster post, picks, etc)

All Time Draft #11 - The AAA Draft

The draft has ended

There were 672 guys drafted in the main ATD11 draft, 336 drafted in the MLD11 draft, making a total of 1008 drafted. But are they all truly the top-1000 of all-time? What about others? What players and coaches ought to have been drafted but weren't? That is what the AAA Draft is all about. Not only are there a bunch of guys who should have gone in the MLD but there might be some that could have gone in the main ATD, as among the top 600-750 of all time, third or fourth liners, third pairing blueliners or extra skaters, backup goalies or assistant coaches. We shall see.

The rules of the second-ever full AAA Draft will be exactly the same as the previous full AAA draft:

The draft will last exactly 12 days, two picks per day. We will draft a full 24-man roster. You must draft 2 goalies, 6 defensemen, 12 forwards and a coach, with 3 additional picks to be used for whatever position(s) you want.

Trading of picks is NOT allowed. After the draft there will be a 48-hour period to do trades or add/drop.

There is NO time limit. We will make two (2) picks per day every day anytime during the day from 9:00 am eastern each day. If you miss a day then make up the picks the following day(s).

Suggestion: POST A REASON OR STATISTIC OR DESCRIPTION WITH YOUR PICK to aid discussion and let us know a bit about the pick, as many may not be household names, especially from other eras.

Any player from any league or era are eligible as long as they were not drafted in the ATD11 or MLD11.

Player selection should be based on what they have done (the 'next best' draft, so to speak, the greatest all-time careers not honored by being picked in the main atd#11 draft), and not what they will do in the future, though it's understood that there is a bit of projection with players whose careers were cut short by injury.

Absolutely no dropping of players: once drafted they are drafted. At the end of the draft there will be a 48-hour period to trade or add/drop players, at which point a team could trade or else: pick up an undrafted UFA and simply discard a draft pick.

The number of teams that make the playoffs will depend on the number that qualify for the postseason. To qualify, a team must meet this all-time draft roster condition: Have on the team at least ONE player from each of the following time periods:

1939 or earlier
in 2009 (ANY active/nonretired pro player with 200-plus games pro experience regardless of when he began his career)

The very first game ever played in a top pro league defines which time period for the required condition (so, an eighties player whose NHL or SEL rookie season started in 1979 would meet the 1966-79 time period requirement).


The AAA11 playoffs will not be according to modern NHL format, but instead will be aligned to a pre-NHL Challenger Series format, sort of like when the NHA, PCHA and earlier teams competed for the Stanley Cup.

AAA11 Playoff Rules (Challenger Format):

I). DURING THE LAST ROUND OF DRAFTING, and not a moment before, each team will be required to issue one (and can only issue one at a time) CHALLENGE to any specific other team in this draft.
II). The team that receives the challenge will then have 24 hours to ACCEPT the challenge if wants to, or REJECT it.
III). If a team receives multiple challenges at the same time (that is, gets one from two or more teams) then the team receiving the multiple challenges must accept one of the challenges it has received (thereby of course nullifying any challenge it may have given out).
IV). A team CANNOT withdraw a challenge; it remains issued until it has been accepted or rejected (or nullified by the other team's acceptance of a different challenge).
V). The challenges will be issued at the same time as one announces one's last two picks on day 12 of the draft.
VI). Every team must issue a challenge (or accept a challenge) on that day, not a day before (and not a day later unless necessary).
VII). Once a team has rejected a challenge those two teams are ineligible to compete against each other for at least that round (and for the following round if conditions permit).
VIII). Whichever teams are remaining without a series opponent set after the last day of drafting (did not accept or have a challenge accepted on day 12) will repeat the process the following day, after all standing challenges have been rejected (or deemed rejected by the passing of 24 hours without reply from the team).
IX). Private agreements reached beforehand via PM are within the spirit of the rules but are not binding until a challenge has been issued and accepted on the last day of the draft. Absolutely NO public on-the-HFboard challenges or insinuations of challenges to be issued prior to the last day of the draft. This is important to preserve the integrity and fairness of the process.
X) Of course, once a challenge has been issued and accepted it's binding and cannot be undone, the playoff opponent for that round is set.


There will be no regular season ranking because it'll be like pre-NHL split league champions in a Challenger Series format playoffs.

Instead, each GM is to submit their ranking of the top three teams (rank them first, second, third) in each of the following twelve categories. No overall ranking. It's very likely that every team will be ranked top-3 in some category or other.

The 8 categories to vote on:

I. Top scoring line (likely a 1st or 2nd line)
II. Top two-way line (likely a 2nd or 3rd line)
III. Top defensive line (likely a 3rd or 4th line)
IV. Top starting 5 (lw-c-rw-d-d when puck drops to begin game)
V. Top defensemen duo pairing
VI. Top blueline overall (all 7 dmen together)
VII. Top goaltending (starter or tandem)
VIII. Top team chemistry (consideration of how skaters gell, how coaching "fits" with team style, captaincy, etc)

Note: You can include your own team in up to three (3) maximum of the eight (8) category rankings.

And, of course, we will vote on MVP and call-up player list. Submit a list of the top-10 draft picks in terms of their value in an all-time context. Which players ought to have been drafted in the ATD or MLD but wheren't? In addition to the top-10 list of picks other than yours, include a list of your own best three picks.

As well, since we have a 7-team draft, we will for playoff purposes all together construct an 8th team immediately following the draft, a sort of elite Double-A team made up of the best of the undrafted, as far as we all together see it. The team will come out of the blue to make a cup challenge and hence will be called the Dawson City Nuggets, after the historical team that did just that. The Nuggets will challenge the last team remaining during the Challenge Format process (no team may challenge the Nuggets). Here is how we all together will construct that team: Each of us individually decides on who the next best 10 players are and send them to Dawson City training camp (by PMing the list to me on the last day of the draft). Ensure that your list of 10 camp invitees includes at least one forward, one dman, one goalie, one coach. Once all invitations have been sent (in to me via PM) then I will post a composite list of each and every player invited to camp, and anyone who receives more than one invitation is automatically ont he team. We will then have a day or so to openly agree on whom else at camp will make the team.

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