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08-23-2009, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Rey View Post
Thomas Hickey is a complete defense man.

P.K Subban is one-dimensional.

Of course Subban is going to outscore Hickey. Stats are pointless. WJR? There's a reason why Hickey was named Captain. He would dependable in all situations. Subban was only a PP specialist.

Even then, when you look at the stats. It's relatively close despite Hickey being more of a role player.

PK Subban will probably be at best a 5/6 PP specialist /bust to europe.


Thomas Hickey who will likely be a top 4 defense man in the NHL.

No need to debate, Just watch. Watch them next year. Hickey already put up 7 points in 7 AHL games, which is already an impressive feat. Let see how Subban faces men in the AHL rather than boys who can't match against speed.
Subban is far from one-dimensional....he hits...his defensive game has improved alot from his draft year as well. It's not easy getting around him at all.

And how was P.K. a PP specialist at the WJ? He played every situation in the most important games of the tourney (U.S., Semi's and GMG)..

But I love your crystal ball. How many times have you seen him play? I'm guessing not too often.

And wait...stats are pointless? Oh I it was pointless that Ovechkin led the league in goals. Of course, he isn't a good goal scorer...what am I thinking..

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