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08-23-2009, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by gc View Post
Forget the PS3 then! Hockey is so much more awesome than just playing video games. When people asking you what you play, they'll be more impressed with B-level hockey than "I'm pretty good at COD4". A sweet goal is so much more satisfying then getting a nice kill in whatever game, plus easier to share with others. I once put together a really ****ing sweet combo in SplinterCell 2 and when I told my buddy, he looked at me like I had two heads. That's when I remembered, oh yeah, video games mean nothing to 75% of the population. You get a sick goal in hockey, people will at least listen, even if they don't follow hockey.
To be fair, I already have a 360 (which I use exclusively for NHL games) and just wanted the PS3 for BluRay. I guess I can live with watching DVDs
BTW, you're in Ottawa, right? What men's league do you play in? I'm not old enough of yet, but I will be in a few years and I've never heard of any men's league here higher than organized pick-up. Do you have to tryout?
You're about a year off... I moved back to Toronto last September I was supposed to be there until December of 08 but my co-op term was cut short (darn recession). I really miss that place.

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