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08-23-2009, 02:40 AM
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Hickey no question

Subban's stats are obviously better but Hickey has been underrated ever since the WJC when he didn't play his best. I would bet money half the people who have posted in this thread are basing 90% or higher of their opinion on him just on his play in the WJC.

Had 51 points in 57 games for Seattle, the next closest defenseman had 21 points. The dub is a more tight league than the OHL, harder to get points in. I watched him carry that team into the playoffs. He was friggin plus 37, the next closest player was plus 16. The stats lie sometimes but there is no way in hell those do, proves he's all-around dominant and a top 20 prospect in the game. And unlike a certain Canadien's prospect he has pro experience. He put up a PPG in his time with the Monarchs in the AHL.

Subban is all flash, he pulls off a pretty move and the fans cheer, the move later goes on the highlight show after the game, what they don't show is the 3-5 other flashy moves he pulled that didn't work out as well. His game is full of holes like cheese, he's all-offense and no defense. If he wants to succeed in the NHL he'll have to buckle up defensively and completely alter his play. Whether he can do that I'm not so sure.

And a note: People aren't hating on Subban because he is a Habs prospect or because he was selected in the second round while Hickey was picked top 5, we simply believe Hickey is flat out better. The sooner you get that through your heads the better, the whining is getting old.

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