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Originally Posted by kevin27NYI View Post
ok well for the breakout its nice to have one guy break out down the ice. it causes the other team to back out a little and create room for the puckmen to have a little more time. and it is useful when you get in there zone. what i recommend is that one guy is behind the net or around there and 2 guys halfway down the ice. then one guy goes to the other side and one guy drops back usually the winger or centerman with the dman going across because that way the offenseman doesn't look rediculous going up then down. so when he drops down the puck-man passes it over to him and then you skate up with a give and go and with the man going across cuts through the middle and the man down there gets in a scoring position. jic there is a guy back and he will take the top point.

on the pk i find that as long as the dman is reliable then this works out well. it involves a nice two-way player, a speedy player and the reliable dman. its an upside down triangle. the dman covers the front and the two guys up top cover the passes and the point. the speedy guy mostly covers the top and upper sides and the two way player get corners and guys coming down the middle.
if there is a turnover the speedy foward can easily break through on a breakway. if you have these players i find that this plan is very effective.

on the powerplay i also use a diamond. if you have a very good player to take control of the power play then this works. what i do is we have a slanted diamond. a man on the side, in front but towards the size away from the guy on the side, and a guy on the top point. he is the distribuator. then theres a guy away from the points but isnt at the helm of the point. he would be on the other side of the man on the boards. the main tool is the passer on the point. he can either set up the other point man to take a slapshot/one-timer and the guy in front can deflect it and if its wide can battle for the puck. he can also pass it to a moving in player on the other side. the man on top can effectively stop a breakaway becuase he os towards the red line.

on 4-4 i like using a combo of zone and man on man. guy in front and the rest play man. we have a very reliable tough nosed dman so it fits. on offense we use constant circling. no board play though. effective for the point. involves a dman moving in and the other dropping back. crashing the net and then having a man back. our top line ( and top pk and pp ) has a speedy winger. a reliable centerman and two reliable two way dmen. they are what our play is based on.

if you have more q's on anything let me know. i recomend trying this in practice (obviously) to see if this fits your roster because thats what its used for on our team.
This. Absolutely this. It's "Babcock system of roller hockey".

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