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11-06-2004, 09:55 AM
Anthony Mauro
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Originally Posted by Levitate
yeah, and again we don't have a great idea of how his actual play is...and what's going on out there. is his play benefitting his teammates and that's why they're doing well? is he still the main defensive focus for other teams?

after only 3 games, with only 1 being televised...who knows. maybe he's started out slow, maybe there's more to it than that.
But still, Hugh's teammates mean jack to the Rangers organization. What Hugh does is important, and Hugh is not putting up stats. It is early and this means nothing, but you cant say that people are gonna praise the kid if he puts up 15 points in 30 games. Stats mean everything nowadays to fans, and it does have some relevance to how Hugh develops. Scoring gives Hugh confidence, it speaks about how his shot is developing and by getting assists it shows that he can pass the puck and is not deficient in that area.

The one area that stats dont touch on tho is how talented his teammates are. If they cant get Hugh the puck, not saying that Hugh cant get the puck himself, hes not gonna score as much. If they cant convert on passes that Hugh dishes out, his assists total will be lower.

Bottom line is he has gotta start producing.

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