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08-23-2009, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by leafmon View Post
Two really great prospects and while Hickey had a few gaffs at the WJC where I have only seen him he did also play very well at times.
PK seems to be some kind of legend on here lately but he isn't nearly as NHL ready as some Habs fans think he is. He does overhandle the puck quite a bit in the O and he won't be able to beat two guys on the rush at the next levels. His numbers were great in the O but he did play for a pretty deep team his last few years with the best goalie in the O. My point is has some bad habits to break and will have to adjust his game against men so I'd say Hickey is the safer bet right now.
Good's true that Subban will have a few adjustment to make. The good thing though is that Subban has a REALLY great attitude. He knows he's not a lock to make the NHL and he knows he'll have to work hard to reach his goal. That's why I'm really confident he won't bust...

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