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08-23-2009, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by malkintoews View Post
So, I've added some equipment to the arsenal.

I picked up the Bauer Vapor X30 skates, a pair of Mission M2 pants, some Bauer Vapor gloves/elbows.

I'm on the lookout for some shoulders, shins and sticks now. We will see what happens.

Thanks again for everybody's 2 cents!
Shoulder pads-don't buy big, bulky football pads. You're not playing in full contact leagues, most shoulder pads are not designed with minimal protection, breathabilty or movement in mind-they're made to protect guys who do play in contact leagues. I'd try every brand on, cheapest to most expensive, best one to fit combined with price and function should be chosen. Same with shins. Some shins are too bulky, some just do not fit but you need to know what size to buy-very important. If they're too short and you take a slap shot you'll be in a world of hurt. I'd have somebody size you before purchase. Wouldn't buy the cheapest pair but you don't need the high end stuff either at your level of play. I'd use the same advice for a stick as well. You're basically buying blind, which is very difficult and chances are you won't like it. What curve is good for you? What flex? Depends on what type of player you are so if you don't know it takes experimentation. That's probably the worst (or best) part of hockey is that you spend thousands of dollars finding the right equipment and then tinkering as your skill level improves. If you don't believe me I can show you my garage full of sticks, shins, gloves, pants, shields, helmets, it's like a hockey equipment museum, mostly of bad purchases.

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