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08-23-2009, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Michael Scott View Post
Why not. Let the kid play if he wants to. I doubt any 18u will try and fight a 14 year old, and if they do either they will(not your kid the 18u) will seriously get hurt because one of his teammates in my own experiences the biggest will come over and protect your kid, or several of his teammates will come over and protect your kid. When I was 17 in summer ice, my buddies little brother(I think he was 15) played with us, and a brawl broke out, and some tough ***** tried fighting the kid, guy was at least 20. His older brother and another guy go over and pummel the guy. An absolute beating. Don't worry about it. Your kid will be fine.
thats the way i feel about it but i guess its normal that its in the back in your mind. he knows a 4 kids on the team and they already said if something goes down they will be there in a second.

btw- the office is one of my fav shows, just started watching it

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