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08-23-2009, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by DagenaisRibeiroRyder View Post
No matter which skates I try on my left foot feels amazing and my right foot feels just plain wrong.

also while playing I feel much more comfortable making turns pushing off my left foot only.

Anyone have or had this problem??
Are your feet shaped different from one another or is it just an issue with using your right foot while skating?

I know learning I was much more comfortable on my right foot than left with tight turns and stops. Wouldnt say it felt wrong in the sense of a fit or anything, but I defanitly was not that great using my left skate until I worked at it and got comfortable, even then my right foot is still much easier for me to use over my left.

Might just be a case of needin practice, get out there at public ice times or stick n pucks etc and work on forcing yourself to use your right foot until it feels much more natural. Also dont be afraid to look awkward out there infront of people practicing it, everyone has had to learn at some point.

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