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08-24-2009, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by OCanada View Post
While cost is always an issue, other youth sports are quite expensive too. Figure Skating is costly as is gymnastics etc. I don't think hockey is too out of line.
In my area it costs $200/yr to play. With that you get 2 practices a week starting in early October and ending in late March. You get 20 league games, 10 exhibition games and then tournaments are extra but only amount to about $100.
The biggest complaint I hear from parents is the comittment. 2 practices during the week and then games basically every weekend. Games start in November and go right to April. We don't mind if parents take a weekend off or two but alot of parents find it easier to just not sign up and not have to worry about "letting the team down" by missing the odd weekend.
Personally, there is no place I would rather be in the winter than at the arena watching my son play hockey!
That number doesnt seem right. Seem REALLY low. Anyways, you also have to add in the cost of eq EVERY season. It is the most expensive sport to play by a fair margin (except for polo i guess, those horses get expensive).

I have to call BS on the commitment part. I dont know, have never heard a parent say "well, i was going to sign my kid up, but i didnt want to let the team down if i miss a weekend. So my kids sitting at home doing nothing." The vast majority of house leagues dont give a shizz if you come or not. You come you play, you dont you still paided. It doesnt really matter if you "mind" that a parents takes a weekend off "or two". You cant do nothing about it.

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