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08-24-2009, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain_Cunney View Post
The dream tournies usually have the final 2 rounds at the same event, I don't think it would be any different for the freakshow, err, I mean "superhulk" tourney. The final will be a joke anyways, whoever comes out of the Soko/Moussasi fight is claiming the title.
Similarly I have a hard time seeing either Tokoro or Takaya beating Warren or Fernandes, so I think whoever wins that latter semifinal has it in the bag.

Also I don't see how Kid can possibly make it back into the tourney, they've already announced the reserve match (Miyata vs DJ Taiki) so I don't think he even figures into the picture at this point, you'd need like 2 or 3 guys to get injured. I'm not even convinced that Kawajiri and Kid will fight, sometimes FEG will just put guys on the poster when they don't even have fights booked for them yet. If they do then it'll have to be against mediocre opponents, they've already built up Kawajiri to fight the winner of Hansen/Aoki so they won't want him to lose, and Kid got killed by some no-name guy in K-1 after losing to Warren so you'd figure they'll throw him a softball as well, if he does fight.

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