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11-06-2004, 06:41 PM
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i think with korpikoski you also gotta look and see that TPS hasn't been a very good team, could make it harder for him to get those points when the team as a whole is sucking

also a rookie in the league...big adjustment, and even look at guys like tukonen and nokalailen...they're not exactly tearing it up in their 2nd years (though they're doing alright) and didn't post amazing numbers in their first years...korpikoski is a bit of a project pick so i don't expect him to light it up and fly into the NHL next year or something. he's got the talent to develop into a solid, rounded second liner i'd say but we'll have to see how his offensive game develops. i'm not all that concerned cuz it sounds like he's got the skills but hasn't quite translated them into the scoring at a higher level of play...with some players it just takes some time

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