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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
Maybe thats why only 8 kids play?! Parents dont want to give up there time for their children. Thats fine not arguing that, its there choice obviously.

Childrens hockey equipment is not cheap, come on.
Actually figure skating at the Ancaster club in Hamilton is 130-230ish a season. Skates look to be the cheaper then hockey skates as well.

Doesnt matter how much you say your kids "wish hockey would never end". Doesnt matter, kids should not play hockey all year round. If you want your kid to quit playing hockey keep on doing this. There is a HUGE chance he will, then he/she may lose 5-10-15 years before they go back to the game. Its not worth the chance. Make them play something else ANYTHING else in the summer.

Please read what I have said. "SPRING" hockey ends in May or June.....Summer hockey goes through August. My child plays baseball and soccer. We go to the cabin in the summer months. He has alot of time to enjoy other sports because he is playing "Spring" AAA. When I coached Summer AAA we would take one weekend off in July...thats it! THat is a big difference then quitting playing in June!

Research figure skating costs. You will see skates costing well over $1000. It all depends on how serious you want to get. Some people pay $50 a sharpening! Trust me, competitive figure skating costs can get quite insane.

Every area and association is different for hockey costs. Ours is cheap but some parents feel its too involved. Alot of parents have cottages and enjoy snowmobiling etc and having to comitt to hockey for a full season doesnt work for them. There are alot of other options for kids now a days and quite frankly, parents are busier too. I don't care who you are, hockey is a big committment. I do agree that it isn't cheap for equipment but it isn't the most expensive either! When you factor the season length I think it pencils out quite nicely!!

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