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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
And you can get hockey skates $600+, so what? you could also just spend 100 bucks.

Once again thats fine, if a parent would rather make themselves happy and do what they want at the expensive of their children, whatever thats their choice. It is not the most expensive sport if you are talking about car/bike racing or sailing.
Basketball- a pair of shoes
Baseball- cleats and a glove
Soccer- shinpads and cleats
Rugby- cleats
Curling- shoes and broom
Figure skating- skates and outfit
Hockey- skates, shinpads, pants, elbow pads, gloves, shoulder pads, helmet, stick, jock, hockey tape, hockey bag
LOL, there is alot more to figure skating than just skates and an outfit!

When comparing Hockey costs to other sports you have to compare it to other winter sports imo. Then you also have to factor in how much they play and for how long.
Where our association is the kids get roughly 40 to 50 games depending on the parents and the coaches. They get over 50 hours of practice ice time. I think thats pretty good for for registration fees and hockey equipment costs.

Thats just my opinion.

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