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08-24-2009, 06:33 PM
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What to do? - question about a biased official

Before I begin, I should say that very rarely do I have major issues with rec league referees. Sometimes they miss calls, but for the most part they're pretty decent and fair. However there is one official who I have major issues with.

We had two issues this past summer season, one which a player on our team was butt-ended in the face for trash talking (leaving a large gash just above his eye), and another where a large-scale fight occurred after the opposing team hit one of our players from behind, sending him head first into the boards. Both games were officiated by this ref. After both games, he made a report that the incidents were our fault. When we inquired why he blamed us the following week, he flat out said "I don't like your team."

Well, during the playoffs the team we played scored a goal in which my stick was knocked out of my hand (I'm the goalie.) I protested to this guy, who was officiating that game, and he claimed he didn't see it happen (I'm pretty sure he did, but I can't prove it.) A few minutes later it happened again (although no goal.) I again brought it to his attention that my stick was again knocked out of my glove, and he finally replied "Because you deserve to lose and I don't care."

What exactly should we do? We've lodged a complaint about this official in a past season after he basically said the same thing about not liking our team. The majority of the games we play with other officials are pretty much clean with few penalties. The games with him officiating usually end up with us on the PK or playing 4 on 4 (sometimes 3 on 3) through at least half of the game, the game stats even show this. There are also two other teams in a higher division saying the same thing about this guy being very selective in who he likes. The league doesn't seem to do anything, or very little. Its getting to the point where if he officiates a game it seems to sap out a great deal of joy we have while playing.

I don't intend to come off sounding whiny, but this seems to be an ongoing issue and I was hoping someone would have some insight on what to do. Anything would be helpful!

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