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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Dryden's competition included Parent, Giacomin, Billy Smith, Cheevers. Durnan did not have to face defense generated offense like Dryden did - Bobby Orr era.
Humm... you're right for Parent. And that's tricky since Parent was so much of the short flash. All the other guys you mentionned are really, but really inferior to Broda and Brimsek. AS for the defense-generated offense... Well, Durnan's competition didn't face it either, and the first D-Men to score 20 goals since... (WHO?)
did it during Durnan's career. In a 50-games season. Actually, it might have been a first. And if Tommy Anderson actually did it during his Hart season, discount it, as it's not really sure whether he was a D the whole season. Too lazy to search, but he might have scored 20. He might not.

Horton had a better supporting cast on defense. For some reason I've tended to view Earl Seibert as a slightly better Harry Howell with better playoff performances and SCs. Howell also has a Norris, a trophy Horton never won yet Horton overall was a much better defenseman than Howell.
I don't want to comeback on Earl Seibert's case this time, as I feel it's slightly OT. I'm just preparing a list of names for (I hope) next round.

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