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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
We used to have an official who would drop the puck between the legs of the home team (he owned the rink). After 2 or 3 games of this during the season his shins got in the way on the faceoffs. When that didn't work he "got in the way of" a couple of icing attempts. Problem solved. And by the way the icing attempts were below the waste. Don't hurt the guy, but rubbing a few bumps for a couple days may do the trick. And if he hates your tean even more maybe he will be so outrageous as to finally draw the attention of your league's officials.
Under the waist or not, that's assault in any jurisdiction and you're lucky you were not charged. There are ways to deal with things like this in beer leagues (or any league), but physical assault is never tolerable.

There is a reason I refuse to officiate adult rec leagues, and it's players who threatened me and tried to do **** like this simply because they didn't like some of my UNBIASED calls. Had I continued, the reactions to me doing my job would have likely led to me using my authority to screw the players who were wrongly let back onto the ice by the league. Rec leagues are supposed to be just that.. recreational. IE: For fun. We all have jobs to go to the next day, yet too many players think there are NHL scouts in the stands.

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